The Goodness of God

God is good.  I’ve known that before in my life but every now and then, I completely forget it.  I don’t know why.  I’m not sure why, every now and then, I am amnesic.  I know He doesn’t change which means that it must be all me.  I must be the problem.  (I can see my husband and brother-in-law nodding in agreement right now!) 

I forget that God is good, especially when His goodness doesn’t follow my definition of good.  I forget that God is good when His plan doesn’t come close to matching mine.  I forget that God is good when my own pride keeps me from sensing His presence.  When I feel like I’m wondering in the desert, I forget that He’s the beautiful mirage I see that won’t disappear when I approach it.  I forget that God is good even though we have wanted for nothing during this time of unemployment.  I forget that God is good even though, if I took time to write out all the blessings He’s poured out on my life, there wouldn’t be enough hours in my life to finish the list.  

This week, though, I was able to embrace the many reminders that God is good…all the time.  This week, He showed Himself in the abundance of hugs I received from my sweet but normally hug-resistant kindergartener.  This week, I saw Him in the long walks I was able to take with my funny and devoted husband.  This week, He walked in the door each time my silly but amazing third grader came home healthy and happy from school.  This week, I heard His voice on the phone during conversations with family and friends who are still here to encourage me.  This week, He was present in the new clients that He sent to my practice.  This week, I didn’t have to look hard to remember!!!

There’s a fantastic song that’s out now that I think describes it better than I ever could.  It’s by Switchfoot and you should check it out…

“Your Love Is a Song”

I’ve been keeping my eyes wide open

Ooh, Your love is a symphony

All around me

Running through me

Ooh, Your love is a melody

Underneath me

Running to me

He is everywhere.  We just have to keep our eyes and our ears wide open.  He is ALWAYS conducting His orchestra!

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