The tasting of God

I decided this year I wasn’t going to send Christmas cards.  The reasons were two-fold…I didn’t want to incur the expense and who wanted to hear that Marc and I had both lost our jobs, I had gotten mine back and added another, and he was still looking.  I figured this was the year to let it ride.

Then, God sent another one of His all-too-unsubtle reminders that I was looking at things from the wrong perspective.  He sent a friend who has been through hardship that far surpasses my own.

This friend is an Islamic man who converted to Christianity even though he knew it could mean sacrificing his life.  And his family almost did just that…take his life because he chose to follow Jesus.  As I sat and listened to my friend’s story of salvation, he said something that truly moved me to my core.  He was struggling to find the English word that would explain the experience and told me that in Arabic, it actually means “the tasting of God.”  He likened it to God being the very food you need in order to survive.  I likened it to chocolate cake!

When I taste a really moist piece of chocolate cake with chocolate icing, my mouth is filled so completely with the flavor that I know I must savor every second of that moment.  I know that since I don’t eat cake like that every day, I have to remember the flavor.  I want to hold that bite in my mouth just a little longer.  I want to find every word to describe that bite of cake so that I can tell the chef how amazing it was.

Then it hit me.  In the midst of our job losses, the ups and downs of getting called back to school, and the busyness of working two jobs, I had the best piece of chocolate cake on my plate…just waiting to be enjoyed.  I had Jesus!

And Jesus has been so obviously present every step along this journey we’ve been on.  Why then do I so often forget to savor His presence?  Why then do I not hold His blessings in my mind for just one more second so that I can remember the essence of their flavor?  Why then do I forget to tell others about His perfectly sweet and filling joy?

So, this Christmas, as you sit down to take a break from whatever journey you find yourself on, my prayer for you is that you taste God.  Let Him overtake you.  Savor His flavor.  Hold onto Him for a second longer.  And be filled!

2 responses to “The tasting of God

  1. Hey Rachel,
    first this is something funny, i was reading your blog and one of my favorite things to do is listening to music, and the CD I was listening to was called Taste of the Classics.
    I searched for a biblical reference for the tasting of God, and the major one was (Ps 34:8 Oh taste and see that Jehovah is good: Blessed is the man that taketh refuge in him.) One more thing i want to share with you about the verse is that the word tasting in English in this verse is like describing the food flavor, but in Hebrew and in Arabic it means literally the food you need to eat every day to live your day.
    may our God bless you friend.

  2. Great perspective! I still missed your Christmas card though…just sayin. Hope you have a very blessed Christmas and a wonderful 2011!!

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