All Along Anyway

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough words. There is no possible way to fully express the preciousness of seeing God’s hand on every little detail of life.

As I led the Bible study of 11-year-old girls last night, I was struggling to keep up! These sweet (but rather chatty and often vociferous!) girls were going a mile a minute through our study. I felt like the pace was too fast. Their conversations too scattered. Their attentions too distracted. I was concerned they were “missing it.” I feared I had not done enough to “get it right” for tonight. And because I was focused too much on the negatives, I almost missed the positive. I was drowning in the “I” and forgot to let the “He” do what He does.

My sweet Morgan threw me the life preserver. “So,” she asked, “God chose US?”

“Yes,” I responded, a little stumped. Hadn’t I already said that?

“And, He knows we are all sinners, right?”

“Of course! He knows everything about us!” Goodness! Maybe I’m not teaching the basics as well as I had thought!

“And, He knew before we were even born that we would be sinners, right?”

Something stopped me. Deep breath, Rachel! You need to really listen. “Yes,” I said a little quieter.

“And, He has loved us all along anyway?”

There it was. That moment I can (and often do) skim over so easily. “Yes, Morgan. All along.”

She sat quietly for a few seconds, soaking the thought in for perhaps the first time in her life. “That’s amazing.”

I couldn’t breathe! It IS amazing! It’s BEYOND amazing! And I almost missed the whole moment! I almost got lost in what WASN’T working that I completely forgot…He is ALWAYS working!

As I looked around at the 13 girls in the room, I knew I was unworthy. I knew I was watching a handful of fertile hearts soak in what it all meant. Three or four of the other girls were realizing the depth of Morgan’s words. “He has loved us all along anyway.” God was whispering into their young souls and no side chatter or distracted giggles would spoil it. He was, for maybe the first time in their eleven years, making it personal. And He had loved ME enough to let me watch!

The moment passed almost as quickly as it had come, but a few of us were changed. At least one of us was…the one who had thought for a minute she was somehow the leader.

Thank You, God, for loving us so personally that you don’t let us ruin it! Thank You for moments of such life changing positives in a world so full of negatives. Thank You for loving us all along anyway!

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