A new journey…a new logo!

Today, I created a new logo for my counseling practice! It seems like a little thing but in reality, it’s BIG. Yes, it was super easy but it was thrilling, too! I know it’s late and I know sometimes I get cheesy, but for me, that logo means the beginning of a new journey. One that will lead me deeper into a calling God has so clearly put on my life. A journey that requires complete trust in a God who knows the destination.

This logo is a statement that I have finally become willing to give up the plans I made for myself so that I can simply follow. This logo says, in a sense, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.”

And I wonder…am I ready? Or, more accurately, will I EVER be ready? Will it ever get easier to follow without fear? Will it ever become second nature for me to fully rely on God to provide every tool I need to do this job He has put before me? I don’t know. My gut is kind of telling me “no” but I want to believe there’s a resounding “YES!” somewhere on this side of life.

Even if there isn’t, though, I say we go, Lord! I say You keep moving in ways that leave me speechless! I say You open the flood gates of blessings on this venture…not for me but for those You bring to me! I say You do this! I’m Yours!

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