A letter to the curly haired two-year-old in the balloon dress…


It’s me…your mom. And it’s almost ten years later. And you’re about to enter middle school. And I have so much to tell you. And I feel like time is racing past with such determination and speed. And I want to slow down for a minute to tell you just a few of those things that are on my heart.

First of all, congratulations! You made it through elementary school! You learned your letters and your numbers. You conquered the playground and learned that sharing won’t really kill you. You discovered friendships, teachers who make you feel loved, and that knowledge is the key to opening so many important doors in life. You did it!

Secondly, you’re off! The world of middle school is both frightening and overwhelming. It is strange and awkward. And it is critical. It is the time in your life when you will begin to understand that those letters you learned in elementary can be put onto paper in such a way that it sets your soul free. It is the time in life when those numbers you learned turn into phone numbers of new friends who, sometimes sadly, replace the old ones. It is the time in life when the playground equipment no longer exists but your social interactions intensify exponentially. It is the time when your emotions will be confusing, exciting, terrifying, and liberating, all within a ten minute span of time. It is the time when you begin to learn who you are and, most importantly, why you should be proud of that person. It is the time when you may face some very tough situations and will have to remember that God said, “Never will I leave you nor forsake you.” It is the time when you must sometimes dig deep and trust that He truly means never.

Thirdly, I’m so very proud of you! You have shed the balloon dress for more “grown-up” attire but you always choose modesty over what may be popular. You may not have those darling curls bouncing about while you walk but you wake in the morning still believing that there are more important things in the day than making sure each hair is in its perfect place. You still have that sweet spirit and concern for others that has been ingrained in your soul since the day you were born. You are a wonderful, compassionate, funny, and faith-filled young lady who gets even better with age.

And lastly, my dear daughter, thank you! Thank you for letting me have a front row seat to this time in your life. I hope you remember that here, in this family, you are loved.

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